Fat Suit

Fat Suit is an improv duo made up of Steve Sajdak and Andrew Jupin, long time friends and comedy partners who banned together to battle the evil Gozer the Gozerian. Many people think that was the Ghostbusters but it wasn't. You're welcome. When not saving the world, Andrew and Steve enjoy making people laugh and have no qualms about doing it at the expense of their own humility. Which translates to playing lots of dirtbags, perverts and weasels on the improvised stage. They're pleased to make your acquaintance and would love to have you at the house. TRIVIA SECTION: -Andrew and Stephen are SUNY Purchase alumni, but due to library fees totaling close to $88.00 (combined), neither have physical copies of their degrees. -Fat Suit has are active members of The Gashouse Gorillas and the mystical improv group, Dick Move. -Stephen Sajdak was literally rode out of town on a rail when he ran for Deputy Mayor of Bronx county. -Andrew Jupin has the ability to make a woman weep simply by viewing and reciting her phone bill. -Fat Suit tried to adopt a child, strictly for goofs, but was eventually turned down for being "The funny bone of the Counterculture"** **Hobo's Journal-Fall Issue '07